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We have a complete system setup for you, no matter what your goal.

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 We make QuickTrick Products so anyone has the knowledge to measure alignment at anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

  • We give everyone, with no special training, the ability to diagnose alignment issues BEFORE the tires show wear.

  •  Do it yourself on the track, in the driveway or at your auto shop.

  • We are the leaders in portable wheel alignment, providing caster, camber AND toe on the go in one affordable system for every vehicle!

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 Questions?  Call us 205-475-2419

Email: info@quicktrickalignment.com      

Alignment Simple Solutions manufactures QuickTrick Alignment Tools.  QuickTrick tools are designed to Improve performance, lengthen tire life through early and fast diagnosis of wheel alignment issues on any vehicle! QuickTrick provides the ability to reduce risk & damage through early detection without cumbersome equipment and eliminates the need for a lift when measuring.

We stand behind our products with a full money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on craftsmanship! We are proud to manufacture in the USA!

Also at these Retailers:  Ask about Jobber rates – Email:  sales@quicktrickalignment.com 

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