Quick Trick Wheel Alignment Tools

About QuickTrick

Alignment Simple Solutions started as a home hobby with the first QuickTrick being invented for use for Chump Car races. We needed a tool to adjust the race car alignment for each track and for all three angles of caster, camber & toe.

The business was formed in 2012 after the demand became evident and we won a few awards.

Our mission is to provide quality manufacture of portable & affordable wheel alignment products. We work to achieve our mission by understanding the needs of our customers, consumer and business, ongoing product improvement and innovation, educational development to ourselves and associates and by giving back to the community through our preferred charities.

  1. The Alabama Small Business of the Year (2013)
  2. SEMA New Products Global Media Award (2014)
  3. Alabama Launchpad Award (2014)
  4. Nominated for Emerging Business of the Year by the Birmingham Business Alliance (2013)
  5. Nominated for the Alabama Manufacturer of The Year Awards (2013)
  6. Governor’s Excellence Award (2012)

Our Leadership

CEO & Co Founder – Tess Winningham aka Ms QuickTrick

Ms Winningham has facilitated key business partnerships through value propositions and supply chain development to establish a global footprint and targeted visibility for maximum opportunities.

As CEO for Alignment Simple Solutions, Tess oversees the company’s global growth, future business strategy & marketing interests.

Prior to joining Alignment Simple Solutions, Tess spent several years as an executive in business development and sales for several Fortune 500’s including experience in the newspaper industry, travel and hospitality, global movie distribution and supply chain management for DreamWorks Studio’s and 3PL Fulfillment Solutions.

Chief Innovation Officer, Inventor & Co-Founder – Gary Gann aka Mr QuickTrick

From NASCAR to sales to 28 years with Toyota, Mr Gann brings more than 35 years of various business and life expertise to benefit our customers and is a never ending resource for ways to improve transportation performance on a shoe string budget with safety and performance considered in all aspects.

Gary is the inventor and designer of all QuickTrick products.

Note from Gary

SEMA 2017 Velocity VIP Reception

Quick Trick Alignment Solutions Enriching the lives of children with chronic medical conditions or serious illness

Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC supports Victory Junction, a North Carolina camp for children with chronic medical conditions and serious illnesses.

Learn How

NACAT-logoQuickTrick is a proud supporter of  The NACAT Education Foundation.  The foundation vision is to assist in the maintenance of excellence within the fields of Transportation Technologies. We are committed to the enhancement of transportation technology education in North America and understand the special needs of transportation technology programs in various economic climates. We recognize industry trainers, teachers, students, and schools as all being vital components in the transportation technology education matrix. We believe that our efforts should aid scholarship and research in transportation technology education, help improve transportation technology instruction, and foster communication and cooperation between North American transportation technology educators and industry.

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