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September 27, 2016



Innovative Customized Car Care Kit for Women Carmine
Launches on Indiegogo

Carmine will equip every woman driver with safety, security and knowledge
about her own car


Birmingham, ALABAMA, September 28, 2016: Innovative, first-of-its-kind customized car care kit for every woman ‘Carmine’ has jumped off to an impressive start for the launch campaign on Indiegogo.  Link:  https://igg.me/at/carmine/x The mission for Carmine is to create a community where every woman driver is prepared to avoid vehicle breakdowns, tire damage and avoidable situations with full knowledge about her own car’s exact requirements.   Tess Winningham, founder and CEO of Carmine, is aiming to raise $9,000 in 60 days for the production and launch of Carmine in the market by December 2016.

Carmine is the latest offering from Alignment Simple Solutions, the Birmingham, Alabama based company which is the maker of the patented line of QuickTrickTM products and the industry leader in portable alignment solutions. This new design is a complete knowledge center and tool kit which is customized as per the exact needs of your vehicle by year, make & model.


Tess Winningham, CEO & Co Founder of Carmine and Alignment Simple Solutions said in a press statement, “Women spend over $300 billion a year on car maintenance and repairs around the globe.  We aim to put a dent in that spending by educating women about their specific vehicle and providing a personalized option for roadside emergency kits, vehicle basics through video content from industry experts and exclusive access to new technology.”

Most men don’t blink twice before changing a flat tire, replacing a headlight, replacing wiper blades or simply checking basic fluids and preventative maintenance. But most women shy away from any hands-on or DIY approach.  Carmine is aimed at helping every woman be fully prepared to deal with and avoid car-related emergencies with knowledge and confidence.

Here’s what’s in your Carmine:

  • Your vehicle identity card with Year, Make, Model
  • Vitals cards for your specific tire pressure, alignment specifications, recommended fluids (Coolant, Oil, etc)
  • An illustrated photo of your engine bay for your make and model with indicators on where to place and check vital fluids
  • Tire Pressure  Gauge
  • Wheel Alignment Specs
  • Brookstone Safety Flashlight and Tool
  • Exclusive Carmine Membership that will unlock your access to:
    • Exclusive discounts and exciting new technologies for your total vehicle experience
    • How to videos by industry experts
    • Forums for discussion, and more.

To attract men and women to support the Carmine crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign, a number of exciting perks are on offer. The top perk is an all-expense paid trip to the exclusive SEMA show in Las Vegas in November to three backers who pledge $10,000.


For pledging $7500, four backers will get Carmine + Emergency Roadside Kit + QuickTrick Pick 3 Wheel Alignment System + Weekend getaway for 2 to a regional Bed & Breakfast resort for 2 nights/ 3 days.


The first Carmines signed by the team and an opportunity to be in the featured Carmine Launch national commercial campaign is the perk on offer for five backers who pledge $5400.


And there are a range of other perks, equally attractive for backers of all categories ranging from $10 to $1836. Two of the popular perks are:

  • Family (4) Carmine w/ Auto Safety Tool which entails a saving of $129 (25%) off the $516 Retail Price + 10% off on all QuickTrick products for pledging $387; and
  • An attractive ‘Thank You’ travel cup + 10% off on all QuickTrick products for those who pledge $25.


“Carmine, like all QuickTrick products, is dedicated to giving back.  We have partnered with the MTJ Foundation (http://martintruexjrfoundation.org/), dedicated to the support of underfunded cancer initiatives specific to ovarian cancer & childhood cancers.” Stated Ms Winningham “We have committed to 5% of annual profits going to this great charity indefinitely.”

The Indiegogo campaign, off to a positive start is now awaiting backers’ support to make its funding program successful. The campaign is perfectly timed to help backers pre-book Carmine for themselves and as a Thanksgiving gift and to ensure that the customized Carmines and other rewards are delivered in December.

For more information, please visit the Carmine Indiegogo Campaign.

About Alignment Simple Solutions and QuickTrickTM

Alignment Simple Solutions aims to provide quality manufacture of QuickTrickTM portable & affordable wheel alignment products through ongoing product improvement and innovation, educational development to the staff and associates and giving back to the community through preferred charities.

Media Contact:


Alignment Simple Solutions
106 David Green Rd, Ste E, Birmingham, AL 35244

Phone: 205-475-2419

Email: tess@quicktrickalignment.com

Website: www.carminetogo.comPRweb-logo




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August 19, 2016

For more information:

James Curry (843) 628-3294

E-mail: office@nacatfoundation.org


Date: August 12, 2016


NACAT Education Foundation and QuickTrick Alignment Announce Tool Donation!


Summerville, SC – NACAT Education Foundation today announces that QuickTrick Alignment has donated twelve QuickTrick Portable Wheel Alignment kits for disbursement to educators.  The donation consists of one of each of QuickTrick Total Package Pro (Item 90042), QuickTrick QuickSlide Total Package (Item 90097), and QuickTrick FleetSlide System (Item 90080) each quarter through the second quarter of 2017.

The donated items will be disbursed to educators through the use of a raffle system.  The NACAT Education Foundation will host the raffles at a predefined schedule and QuickTrick Alignment will ship the donation to the winning educator.  The schedule for the raffles will be as follows:
Raffle 1:   September 15th, QuickTrick Total Package Pro

Raffle 2:   September 20th, QuickTrick QuickSlide Total Package
Raffle 3:   September 30th, QuickTrick FleetSlide System
Raffle 4:  October 20th, QuickTrick QuickSlide Total Package
Raffle 5:  November 20th, QuickTrick Total Package Pro
Raffle 6:  December 20th, QuickTrick FleetSlide System
Raffle 7:  January 20th, QuickTrick FleetSlide System
Raffle 8:  February 20th, QuickTrick Total Package Pro
Raffle 9:  March 20th, QuickTrick QuickSlide Total Package
Raffle 10:  April 20th, QuickTrick Total Package Pro
Raffle 11: May 20th, QuickTrick QuickSlide Total Package
Raffle 12:  June 20th, QuickTrick FleetSlide System

“We are pleased that SEMA referred the NACAT Education Foundation to QuickTrick Alignment as a means by which to get products in front of educators,” NACAT Education Foundation Executive Director James Curry said.  “The donations will help educators train the next generation of technicians while also bringing added value to NACAT membership.  It is only through such donations that the NACAT Education Foundation can truly meet its mission of providing scholarships and grants, primarily for the improvement of automotive education, to teachers, schools, and students of automotive and related technologies.  We, and the educators, thank Alignment Simple Solutions for their generosity.”


“When we learned about NACAT, we knew we wanted to be involved with helping the schools and students” QuickTrick Alignment CEO Tess Winningham stated.  “We realized the need to simplify the alignment process way back in 2010 when we made the first QuickTrick kit.  Our tools allow students and others to understand the three primary angles of alignment without the complexity and intimidation of thousands of dollars in equipment”, said Gary Gann, inventor of the QuickTrick Alignment Product line. “Anyone can use our tools once they have a basic understanding of the foundations of vehicle alignment.”


Further information on the upcoming raffles can be found at:  NACAT
NACAT Education Foundation, EIN 35-1929767, is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization.  Formed in 1994, the Foundation’s purpose is to provide scholarships and grants, primarily for the improvement of automotive education, to teachers, schools, and students of automotive and related technologies.  For information, visit www.nacatfoundation.org,  call 843-628-3294, or email: office@nacatfoundation.org.


Parent company Alignment Simple Solutions manufactures QuickTrick™ Alignment Products; US made portable alignment systems for every size vehicle. Alignment Simple Solutions is committed to manufacturing quality products, providing jobs in the US and giving back to the community at large.  The company has won numerous awards and worldwide recognition in over 100 Countries.  For more information, visit www.alignmentsimplesolutions.com and www.quicktrickalignment.com


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July 26, 2016


September 17-18, 2016 brings together three dynamic organizations supporting disabled Veterans and Amateur Racers at Oregon Park Raceway.

Title pic


Birmingham, Alabama (PRWEB) July 26, 2016 — Oregon Raceway Park, where more than 400+ amateur racers will have fun & frustration on the 2.3 Mile track, the longest in Oregon and runs in both directions. With 16 turns at various angles, everyone will need a QuickTrick to get that alignment just right.

“We wanted something special for our first race as Title Sponsor and we could not have asked for a better
group,” stated Tess Winningham, CEO of Alignment Simple Solutions.

“Our first QuickTrick was invented due to a need while racing in the amateur races,” stated Gary Gann,
inventor and COO of Alignment Simple Solutions, manufacturer of QuickTrick Products. “That’s enough about us, let’s talk about this great group Heroes Motorsport.”

Mr. Gann went on to say, “Al Almahdi decided to form a racing team of disabled veterans and first responders
to create an environment that allows the participant to re-ignite their passion, and to provide support,
camaraderie and teamwork through motorsports. HM is currently assembling the team and recently started
working with Adaptive Motorsports and Wellness to bring a modified stock car to the West coast and get disabled veterans on the track. If anyone needs a testimonial on why this makes a difference, they should look up the Heroes Motorsport site. We are extremely proud to help this organization as well as the titans of Lucky Dog Racing.”

Early bird registration ends August 1, 2016 and Alignment Simple Solutions, maker of QuickTrick products, will be donating $10.00 per race car entry!

Alignment Simple Solutions, home of QuickTrick Products, is a USA manufacturer of affordable, portable wheel alignment tools used for enthusiasts, fleet managers, military and school buses.  QuickTrick Site

Lucky Dog Racing League is a “for racers, by racers” grassroots motorsports series that welcomes all levels of racecars and drivers.  Lucky Dog Site
Heroes Motorsport racing team was formed by veterans to support and encourage their fellow veterans and first responders who have been affected by their service in the line of duty, by providing the opportunity to engage in motorsports, as a way of reaching out to other veterans, and engaging in their communities.  Heroes Motorsport Site

Contact Information
Tess Winningham
Alignment Simple Solutions

You can read the online version of this press release here




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June 18, 2016

pr web

Birmingham, AL, June 18, 2016:  Alignment Simple Solutions, the leader in portable wheel alignment solutions is expanding their customized fleet system, developed in partnership with PepsiCo’s Frito Lay fleet operations and Lee County school bus transportation into the Government and NGO sector. QuickTrickTM portable wheel alignment kits are a popular product line among automotive enthusiasts, DIYers and racers.


The innovative product line that will tap the larger market of fleet and transport customers is the latest offering from QuickTrickTM, the flagship brand of the Birmingham, Alabama-based Alignment Simple Solutions (ALSS). “Our larger fleet system, the QuickTrickTM fleet and RV kit, was developed based on a request from our friends at PepsiCo, in the Frito Lay fleet operations,” said Ms Tess Winningham, Alignment Simple Solutions President and CEO, in a press statement. “After several years of improvements, this same system is now used to perform portable wheel alignments on everything from Sprinters to E350’s, Semi Trucks, School & City buses and even a Jet Fighter system.”

ALSS delivered on its largest partnership to date with National Express, a subsidiary of National Express Coaches based in the UK.  National Express USA maintains over 20,000 school buses and has adopted the QuickTrickTM Fleet systems to assist in this process.

“This is our largest customer in the school transportation industry and it just reaffirms the need for our products expansion.  We have also provided solutions for other notable companies such as the New York City MTA, Contractors working on the Alaskan Pipeline and even Military and the Global Missionary Forces,” Ms Winningham explained.

ALSS recently engaged with local municipalities who will utilize QuickTrickTM products on everything from small transport vehicles to Fire Trucks.

“We are proud to manufacture here in Alabama and happy to be growing and providing more jobs in our region.  We have outgrown our current space and will be moving into a facility 3 times our current size this Fall.

We are grateful for the recognition and partnerships we are getting along the way.  After having sold in over 100 countries to date, the sky is the limit,” Ms Winningham added. ALSS received the official certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) this year, the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States.

About Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC

Parent company Alignment Simple Solutions manufactures QuickTrick™ Products; US made portable and compact alignment measuring systems for fleet & consumer vehicles. Alignment Simple Solutions is committed to manufacturing quality products, providing jobs in the US and giving back to the community at large.  The company is a Graduate of the 2015 Class of Emerging Leaders Course (SBA), recipient of the SEMA New Products Global Media Award (2014), ATN Lead certificate graduate (2013), Alabama Launchpad Award (2014) awardee and the Governor’s Excellence Award (2012)

For more information, visit www.alignmentsimplesolutions.com and www.quicktrickalignment.com



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April 26, 2016

Birmingham, AL, April 14, 2016: In a bid to give a quantum boost to their expansion into the global markets and online sales, Alignment Simple Solutions, a leading manufacturer of alignment measuring systems based in Birmingham, Ala., under the popular brand QuickTrick Alignment has launched their new, user-friendly website developed by their web solutions partner Wisitech InfoSolutions.

“A need to increase conversion rates and get in line with new Google and search algorithms made us decide on a website revamp,” said Tess Winningham, company president and CEO, in a press statement. “We feel very prepared for our upcoming National Television exposure and the site I a work to be proud of. I knew when researching the previous work of Wisitech that this is the right team to take QuickTrick to the next level of global recognition and sales. I am looking forward to seeing the increased revenue from higher conversions.”

The key challenge when revamping the site was to organize the information cohesively and in a sequenced manner so as to make it easy for the visitor to find the relevant information with minimal clicks. “The old site was rich with information, manuals, user reviews, DIYs and everything that you can think of in the subject area,” said Partho Mondal, CEO, Wisitech. “But it was all scattered around. We created a compelling and user-friendly design where all the information was reorganized as per the need basis. Hence, you now have separate categories for product information, reviews, videos, tips and faqs and so on. Even under product information, a quick glance is enough to tell you which set of products is meant for which kind of user – home, racers, truckers, bus series, etc.”

The new website makes it simple for the user to pick his kind of product, choose the particular size or variant, check its videos and make a purchase, all from one page. Besides, every page is search engine optimized with all textual and image-related elements made SEO-friendly. “Great look, sharper style, ease of use for customers across any platform be it mobile or other,” said Tess, summing up the new positioning.

Referring to Wisitech team as ‘smooth, fast, intuitive and a great team’, Tess added, “Wisitech over delivered on promises on deadlines, explanations to educate me on the most effective trends for conversion and a constant commitment to be there while making everything in the website user friendly if I prefer to do things myself.”

About QuickTrick TM

Alignment Simple Solutions started as a home hobby with the first QuickTrick being invented for use for Chump Car races. We needed a tool to adjust the race car alignment for each track and for all three angles of caster, camber & toe.

The business was formed in 2012 after the demand became evident and we won a few awards. Our mission is to provide quality manufacture of portable & affordable wheel alignment products. We work to achieve our mission by understanding the needs of our customers, consumer and business, ongoing product improvement and innovation, educational development to ourselves and associates and by giving back to the community through our preferred charities.

  1. The Alabama Small Business of the Year (2013)
  2. SEMA New Products Global Media Award (2014)
  3. Alabama Launchpad Award (2014)
  4. Nominated for Emerging Business of the Year by the Birmingham Business Alliance (2013)
  5. Nominated for the Alabama Manufacturer of The Year Awards (2013)
  6. Governor’s Excellence Award (2012)
About Wisitech InfoSolutions

Wisitech is an end-to-end Web, Apps and Internet Marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Promotions) solutions provider with over 16 years of experience (since January 1999).

Wisitech specializes in:

  • Responsive website design and development – WordPress, Joomla, PHP/MySQL
  • E-commerce websites – CS-Cart, Magento, WordPress WooCommerce, Joomla VirtueMart, OpenCart, X-cart, Shopify, etc.
  • Web applications development – Web ERP
  • Apps development – Android, Windows, iOS apps and Titanium app.
  • Web marketing & promotion (SEO, SMO & PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Promotions)
  • Google Penalty Fixing – Google Disavow and Reconsideration Request Services
  • Web content development – Content writing, Marketing Collaterals, Ebook publishing, content for search engine marketing

The Wisitech team consists of well-trained, experienced professionals who are masters in their fields such as creative, easy to navigate web designing, professional programming, original and eye-catching content development and Web and Digital marketing services. The enthusiastic team members stay updated with the ever-changing technologies and provide the best web solutions for small, medium to big sized businesses. Wisitech has offices in New Delhi, India (Corporate Office), Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Beverly Hills, CA, USA

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April 25, 2016

New at Summit Racing Equipment: Detroit Muscle Wheel Alignment Tool Combo

For More Information and High Resolution Images Please Contact: Alan Rebescher, ARebescher@SummitRacing.com

Waaaay back in 2014, the gang at PowerNation TV’s Detroit Muscle built a big bad 1978 “Bandit” Pontiac Trans-Am. They stuffed it with a 574 cubic inch stroker 455 putting 367 horsepower and almost 416 lbs.-ft. of torque to the rear wheels. That’s a lot of grunt.

One thing the Detroit Muscle guys did was a front end alignment with the QuickTrick QuickSlide Wheel Alignment Tool before taking the Trans-Am out on the road. The easy to use tool allows you to check caster, camber, and toe-in in minutes with no lift required.

The QuickSlide tool is accurate to within 1/10 of a degree, and will help improve steering effort and handling as well as extending tire life. It’s also ideal for adjusting alignment settings at the track—and all for less than the cost of two alignments at your friendly alignment shop. The QuickSlide Tool comes with three patent pending QT Lip Pins that fit on the wheel lip, a digital gauge, instructions, and carrying case.

But we went the Detroit Muscle guys one better and created a Wheel Aligment Combo that includes a set of QuickTrick Alignment Turn Plates. The plates are just 5/16 inch thick, so you can drive or push the car onto them—no jack or lift needed. The Turn Plates have a scale that reads from +20 to -20 degrees in one degree increments. A Teflon® coating between the plates prevents binding, so turning the wheels for precise alignment is smooth and accurate. There are no pins to reset nor a pointer that can be damaged.

Using the QuickTrick Alignment Turn Plates is easy:
• Roll the front wheels onto the plates. The bottom plates do not have to be square with the wheels but the wheels should be straight
• Use a dry erase marker or scotch tape to mark the 0 degree position from the scale on the base plates
• Set the caster, camber, and toe with appropriate tools

You can see how the QuickTrick QuickSlide tool works—and get a good look at the Trans-Am too—by watching this episode of Detroit Muscle at Powernationtv.com.


Summit Racing Equipment

If you would rather not receive future communications from Summit Racing, let us know by clicking here.
Summit Racing, 1200 Southeast Avenue, Tallmadge, OH 44278 United States

NOTICE: The information in this electronic mail transmission, including all attachments, is intended by Autosales, Incorporated dba Summit Racing Equipment for exclusive use of the named individual or entity to which it is directed. Please understand that this electronic mail transmission may contain information that is a trade secret or is otherwise confidential, and therefore must be protected from disclosure. It is not intended for transmission to, or receipt by, anyone other than the named addressee (or person expressly authorized to deliver it to the named addressee). The information contained in this electronic mail transmission must not be copied or forwarded to any unauthorized person. If you have received this electronic mail transmission in error, please delete it from your system without copying or forwarding it, and please notify the sender of the error by reply email or by calling Summit Racing Equipment at 330-630-5343, which will enable us to correct our records.

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July 31, 2014

QuickTrickTM Alignment, manufacturers of portable and compact alignment measuring system for cars, trucks and fleets announces new products entered into the SEMA 2014 New Product Awards competition including the new QuickTrick QuickSlideTM and QuickTrickTM Fleetside 4WD.

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December 6, 2013

“One of the primary missions of the Auburn Technical Assistance Center is to help entrepreneurs innovate and commercialize new product ideas using resources and expertise at Auburn University. We are pleased Tess and Alignment Simple Solutions partnered with our EDA University Center program and Auburn’s Industrial Design School to help design her next generation products. Tess is a progressive, visionary CEO that shares our passion of creating jobs and opportunities for others in Alabama. We are appreciative of the opportunity to work with a dynamic woman owned business,” said David Mixson, EDA University Center Program Director, Auburn Technical Assistance Center.

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September 1, 2013

Alabama based, Alignment Simple Solutions (ALSS), has selected Victory Junction, a North Carolina camp for children with chronic medical conditions and serious illnesses, as the partner of choice for future philanthropic efforts. The company will kick off its commitment by donating 5% of all sales generated during the month of September, 2013.

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